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Naturopathy and yoga advocates life close to nature and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with our environment. The treatment is based on judicious blending of the ancient concept of nature cure and yoga with scientific knowledge and the diagnostics are kept in line with modern medical science. These therapies have a holistic approach of managing disease. We at SMA Medical College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences provide the availability and affordability of education in natural medicine and yoga for people from all cultures and social economics. It is with great pride that I invite you to become a student and experience first-hand the academic benefits offered by our college that is fully committed to freedom of choice in healthcare through holistic health education, research and clinical applications. Our intention is to create competent and credible practitioners to be of service through education and healthcare by empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and well-being of body, mind and spirit.

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Dr. Vasudha Sharma
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