About Us

"SMA ayush medical college of naturopathy and yogic science" and "Sumitra Memorial" RML Hospital. Profile: The Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYS) is a Medical Degree Graduation Course Programme in India in the field of Integrative Medicine, which covers the study of both Naturopathy Medicine and Modern Medicine as Integrative Medicine.

Our Mission

  • Here at SMA Medical College of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, we are dedicated to producing quality healthcare providers with a strong foundation in naturopathy and yogic sciences as it is in in fact, the advent of a new drug-less regimen in patient care which is educative, curative and also preventive with no side effects. We aspire in maintaining the highest standard of education, research and practice in the field of Natural Medicine and to promote a drug-less therapy combining nature cure with yoga.

Vision :

Health Naturally for all


  • Facilitate the transformation of students into professional naturopathic physicians with expertise in any healthcare setting
  • Provide an exceptional academic environment by providing a well- balanced course curriculum encompassing modern medical sciences and traditional healing arts in their natural therapy courses.
  • We also aim to provide excellent naturopathic health and wellness services to the patients by inculcating among them regulated eating habits, exercise, life style modification etc.
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